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  • Mood: Delighted
So our area has contaminated water? Wow. Apparently it's been going on a week and the water company decided they were not going to tell us. So the whole school can't wash their hands or drink the water or shower..

Good thing my dad just bought a bunch of water bottles. And I showered this morning, and now I feel gross. Ecoli water is not something I want to shower in. Johnson Utilities sucks ball sack, man.

Other than that, today is a half day. I got time to finish this awesome book. Well maybe not finish, but get to some half way point at least. Hopefully I don't fall asleep again.

Mr. M keeps falling asleep on me at night. He is going to hate me for saying this, and no I am not playing the blame game on him. I just hope he figures out how to get some good sleep soon.

Oh, and this girl came in class today with an art piece. It is a human head, with stars going up the neck. Colorful shade on its eyes, and this huge rainbow afro. It is pretty fantastic. I would even put it up in my room and frame it. Because rainbow afros are awesome. You can't deny that.
Write-Then-Think Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student Writer
Quite a day!
Mister-Prince Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
aw, sorry about that
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August 22, 2012